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Today, October 8th, is Galacticat’s first birthday! The first page was posted one year ago today. Come celebrate with us at APE this weekend!




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Hello friends,

We’re going to be at APE in San Francisco! We’ll be at table 928, and we’re going to have books and pins and posters and shirts, and some other stuff for you to look at too. That being said, sorry that a few of these pages have been put up late- Gene and I have been busy prepping for APE, and also working on some super exciting projects of our own. So yeah, come see us, October 12th and 13th! Table 928!!!

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And we’re back

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Okay you guys, sorry for that short hiatus, but we are back on a regular schedule now! There will be a fresh new page up tomorrow. Thanks for stickin around.

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Gene and I will be off at Comic-con this weekend- we don’t have a table or anything (unfortunately), but we will be walking around looking somethin like this:

kg copy

So if you see us, come say hi! We’ll probably have Galacticat books or pins or other goodies on us so it will be worthwhile. That being said, I will be doing my best to keep up with the regular page updates while we’re away, but it will be a chaotic several days, so I apologize in advance if I miss an update or two. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, our amazing readers.

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Hello- to anyone who ever wanted to hold this comic, in paper, right in their paws, we have a new STORE section (right between archive and authors)! You can buy the first 5 chapters and bonus stuff and tons of amazing pinups. I’m personally encouraging you all to order it through Createspace rather than Amazon, since we get a bigger cut of the profits $___$. It is a good book! And I’m totally unbiased about it.

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Page 102

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We are past 100 pages now, wow wow wow, amazing 。◕‿◕。 Galacticat is no longer a baby webcomic. Thank you for reading!