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@kaseybrianne Stardate: 10142014 at 1914 hours

Did you guys know that Chapter 15 is the last chapter of Galacticat ever? Yep, it’s wrappin up in one more chapter. Wallace and Elpy’s story is almost over. We’ll keep you updated on the fate of us and this comic (further book releases, con appearances, etc) as it gets closer to its inevitable end!

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@genegoldstein Stardate: 05122014 at 1300 hours

Hey Cosmicats!

We’re gonna be at Anime Central in Chicago this weekend! We’ll be in the Artist Alley, table C12-13, selling Volume 2 and all kinds of goodies! Come say hi, slap our palms! Here’s a handy animated map for your reference:


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@kaseybrianne Stardate: 03272014 at 1034 hours


We’re going to be at ECCC this weekend! Table M-07! Here’s where we are:


Hope to see you there!

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@genegoldstein Stardate: 03142014 at 1606 hours

Hey Cosmicats! Big news!

Volume 2 is now in the Galacticat Store! Like the first volume, it’s available on both Amazon and Createspace (our publisher), but we get a higher cut of the profits from Createspace. Grab a copy if you liked chapters 5-10! We appreciate the support!

Don’t forget, we’re gonna be tabling at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle! Come visit us, our table number is M-07. We’re on the south side of the convention hall, by the bathrooms. Hope to see you there!


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@kaseybrianne Stardate: 03132014 at 1054 hours

I’m sure you guys have noticed that updates have been a little sporadic lately- I’ve recently started a full-time job, which is great, but sorely cuts into my comic-making time. So rather than surprising you guys with updates on random days, the post schedule is hereby switching from Monday-Wednesday-Friday to just Monday-Friday. Even though that’s one less page a week, that means fewer pages being drawn while I’m half asleep (or not at all)! Quality pages, horray!

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